Actor & Writer

Nightmarish Endeavours of a cat and a homeless teen

Once upon a time, before I decided to really pursue acting, I worked in games. First with SEGA and Square Enix, and at one point I even had my own studio. I mainly worked in story and localisation – that’s kind of where I started really getting into writing, which ultimately lead to me now writing Lucid Valleys.

I found an old hard drive in one of my drawers – you know it’s old, because it had a Micro-USB port and none of those snazzy USB 3.0 speeds. Anyway. Looked at what was on there, and… holy moly, the whole screenplay for, lo and behold:

Nightmarish Endeavours

Nightmarish Endeavours was one of Junction Shark’s cancelled PlayStation®Vita projects. The story followed Jane, a girl who ran away from her home because she went through an incident she couldn’t open up to her family to, to which they reacted with hostility. She grew less comfortable and decided it’d be better to live on the streets.

Anime-ish drawing of Cleo, a siamese cat wearing a pink scarf.

You played as a cat. The artwork above is by the ridiculously talented Miles, @TheDuckGod! Cleo had the ability to jump into people’s dreams and affect them, which she did with Jane, which ultimately gave her better sleep.

3D model of Cleo.
Cleo’s 3D model. Video game prototype graphics!

I myself wrote the screenplay for it, which is very cartoony. Not necessarily in a bad way, but when you rediscover your own writing that’s six years old, you cringe quite a bit.

For Legacy…

Since the company is now bust, I am sharing the screenplay for everyone to see. Maybe someone can learn something from it, or just have fun with it. Unfortunately as I wrote it for a game, it’s split into eight parts; one per chapter. There are code words in the screenplay where you’d continue the story via a level or gameplay instead. Unfortunately I’m having a difficult time finding a playable version of the game. Anyway, Enjoy the script!